About Us

Sports & You – Eventos Desportivos Lda is a service company for motor sports, dedicated to competition, performance actions and events related to everything that involves Motorsport. Located on the outskirts of Porto – Portugal, being the direct heir of the now extinct, Option 04, Sports & You presents itself with a with a human frame of full time professionals dedicated to motor sport, with a set of technicians who appreciate the versatility of modalities in which they are involved, the situation of excellence which is proved with the various titles awarded in the main categories –Circuits, rallys and all-terrain – in Portugal and abroad.

While Sports&You main activity is related to rental services, assistance, organization and logistics in various championships, the company also operates, in areas as diverse as ‘driving experiences’ and other ‘motorsport’ events such as the ‘co-drives’ and marketing activities directed to entities and / or individuals

Sports & You have as its main target, the supply of content and support for all the actions of ‘motorsport’, targeted at professionals and at amateurs. It equally has a specific area of products, targeted at companies wishing to provide their customers and / or employees driving experiences associated with this high adrenaline sports.